Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Solutions

If you live in Florida you know that the water that comes out of most household taps is less than desirable for drinking. To avoid the unpleasant taste, smell and contaminants of Florida tap water, many residents use bottled water or filtered pitchers. There is an easier, more economical and environmentally sound way to bring fresh, clean and clear water into your home for drinking and cooking: a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter system.

Because of their convenience and effectiveness, reverse osmosis water filters are being used in more and more homes in Florida and across the country. The Drain Team® offers fast, efficient reverse osmosis water filter installation in the Tampa Bay area, serving Clearwater, St. Petersburg as well as Pasco area.

Most residential reverse osmosis water filter systems are installed under the kitchen sink and filter nearly every contaminant that can be found in a municipal water supply including chromium 6, lead, radium and bacteria. Water is forced through a pre-filter that strains out sediment and then through a thinner membrane that removes even smaller pollutants. Finally, it goes through a carbon filter that removes any lingering chemicals and produces clean, delicious drinking water.

People who prefer the purity of “triple filtered” water from reverse osmosis systems also enjoy the “from-the-tap” convenience they offer. No plastic bottles to throw away, no pitchers to refill. And, if you are a very handy do-it-yourself homeowner, you can install a system in about two hours to three hours.

If you prefer to have it done professionally, call the Drain Team®. Our plumbing experts will offer the best, most cost-effective installation of a reverse osmosis water filter system for your home.

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