New Grease Trap Installation

If your old grease trap is no longer functioning or your Food Service Establishment (FSE) is being remodeled, you may need to purchase a new trap. Picking the correct size and location to meet local codes can be a challenge. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, let The Drain Team® help.

All Sizes, All Models

Grease traps come in all sizes and types. With the wide selection at The Drain Team®, it is easy to find a trap that meets code and still fits within your space restrictions and work flow. Whether you have smaller grease traps under sinks or larger, in-ground models, The Drain Team® will find a replacement that will keep you compliant and in budget.

Expert Consultation

Each county in Florida area has different code requirements for grease trap installation and maintenance. With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, The Drain Team® has an impressive list of satisfied clients, suppliers and even local officials.

Fast Installation

Using the latest technology, The Drain Team® will install quickly and on your schedule. Efficient pumping trucks and high-pressure jetters will assure that the rest of your plumbing system runs as smoothly as your new trap.

Install, and That’s All. Call The Drain Team®