• Dog Fountain

    The Drain Team has completed numerous projects for Pinellas County and we were contacted again to install new drinking fountains at the Pinellas Animal Shelter. The goal was to replace water bowls for the dogs with a dog drinking fountain, as well as provide one for the volunteers who walk the dogs. The dog fountain has a foot pedal that can be used to fill the basin with clean, fresh water for dogs to drink from. The project required that we install a water line to the location where the fountains would be installed. Following the manufacturer’s Read More

  • Hand Digging Around Utility Lines

    There was a small leak on a water service line leading to a building at a condominium complex. Once we identified the problem, we called to request an underground utility locate. Under the law, we need to request this and then mark the locations of all nearby underground services to protect workers from accidentally coming into contact with major power lines and gas lines, as well as to avoid cutting cable lines that provide phone and internet connectivity to residents in the complex. Once the underground utilities were marked, we needed to complet Read More

  • Extra Storm Drainage Installation

    We were contracted to install storm drainage at a condominium complex. While preexisting storm drainage was on the property, they needed an additional storm drain to address standing water in one area. To start the project, we removed the existing asphalt pavement. To our surprise, we found that they had poured concrete underneath the asphalt due to prior compaction problems. We used the jackhammer attachment to our bobcat to break up the concrete, which was removed from the trench and taken to the landfill. We installed the new drain, added backfi Read More

  • Calient Bathroom

    For this project we worked under a general contractor for the remodel of a men's locker room. Both the client and the contractor wanted to assure that there would be no drainage issues after the renovations were completed. This was a good decision because we've worked with clients who have rented a space and remodeled it only to find out later that there were plumbing problems. As a result, much of the remodeling work had to be redone after the plumbing issues were addressed. Here, the client was proactive, wanting to assure that there would be no d Read More

  • Residential Kitchen Line

    We were called to a home in Clearwater, Florida to address a problem with a clogged kitchen drain. Our technician went into the crawlspace beneath the home and found that the drain had a “belly” in it, meaning that the drain had sagged due to lack of proper support. This problem occurred because the drain wasn’t installed properly. Water collected in the sag andwhen grease was poured into the drain, it reached this water and cooled, coating the pipe. Over time, this grease buildup completely clogged drain. To address this problem, we cut the Read More

  • Residential Shower

    At the Drain Team we address residential plumbing needs during new construction, remodels or failures. For this project, the homeowners experienced water damage from a faulty shower pan liner from a second floor bathroom. The water leaked through the failing liner and down to the floor below. A shower pan liner is the layer beneath the mortar bed and tile, and waterproofs the shower. We came in and removed only the tile rows necessary to complete the repair. Next we removed the old shower pan liner, and drain, and replaced these items with new mate Read More