Calent Jetting Below Slab

  • Calent Jetting Below Slab

    This project required us to remove hard, coral-like buildup in a water pipe (calent) that was a tie- in branch to the main pipe. The pipe was below the slab, which required us to wet-saw cut the slab and remove it. Next we dug down almost 6 feet to reach the pipe, removing the dirt from the building so we could relocate it elsewhere after the project completion. As per the customer’s safety protocols and our own practices, we installed 2 inch galvanized safety posts around the trench to reduce the risk of someone falling into it.
    We used our high-pressure jet hose to cut into the lime and loosen it, then we used our vacuum to remove this debris and the water from the trench. We completed the project by assuring that the pipes were water and air tight. Later, the owners converted the trench into a vault with a manhole cover for easy future access.

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