Land O’ Lakes New Grease Trap Installation

If your old grease trap is no longer functioning or your Food Service Establishment (FSE) is being remodeled, you may need to purchase a new trap. Picking the correct size and location to meet local codes can be a challenge. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, let The Drain Team® help.

All Sizes, All Models

Grease traps come in all sizes and types. With the wide selection at The Drain Team®, it is easy to find a trap that meets code and still fits within your space restrictions and work flow. Whether you have smaller grease traps under sinks or larger, in-ground models, The Drain Team® will find a replacement that will keep you compliant and in budget.

Expert Consultation

Each county in Florida area has different code requirements for grease trap installation and maintenance. With over forty-four years of experience in the restaurant industry, The Drain Team® has an impressive list of satisfied clients, suppliers, and even local officials.

Fast Installation

Using the latest technology, The Drain Team® will install quickly and on your schedule. Efficient pumping trucks and high-pressure jetters will assure that the rest of your plumbing system runs as smoothly as your new trap.

Install, and That’s All. Call The Drain Team®