St Vince Grease Trap

  • St Vince Grease Trap

    Grease traps deteriorate and fail when the reinforcements rot. The user becomes aware of this when it completely fails or during an inspection while the tank is being pumped out. Some municipalities have periodic inspections where the inspectors coordinate with the pump drivers so they can see for themselves if there is a problem.

    This client’s existing grease trap failed but it was in a location where that we couldn’t reach with our equipment. Because of this issue, we relocated the tank about 70 feet from its original location, which allowed us the access we needed. We dug the trench large enough to accommodate the new tank. Our truck brought a 1,200-gallon concrete, a tractor-graded tank that weighed approximately 15,000 pounds and lowered it into place. We reconnected the inlet and outlet piping and, after the inspection, we backfilled the trench and paved the area. As part of this process, a mini manhole cover was installed on the pavement to make it easier to clean out the tank as needed.

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