Residential Kitchen Line

  • Residential Kitchen Line

    We were called to a home in Clearwater, Florida to address a problem with a clogged kitchen drain. Our technician went into the crawlspace beneath the home and found that the drain had a “belly” in it, meaning that the drain had sagged due to lack of proper support. This problem occurred because the drain wasn’t installed properly. Water collected in the sag and when grease was poured into the drain, it reached this water and cooled, coating the pipe. Over time, this grease buildup completely clogged drain.

    To address this problem, we cut the drain out and replaced it, along with about 20 feet of pipe. We used a level to make sure that the drain had the proper slope to drain, and we added hangers to support the pipe and keep it stable. The result is a functioning drain that should not experience this type of clog again.

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