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Sewer Inspection With a Video Camera

When your sewer backs up or starts to emit an odor, it usually means there is a problem somewhere in the sewer line from your home or commercial building that is causing the problem. If neighbors are having the same problem, it is most likely the fault of the main sewer line.

Several things can cause a blockage in the sewer line:

  • Bellies – sometimes the line can settle or be pushed down in an area causing water and waste to pool or get stuck.
  • Root intrusion – Tree roots can slowly grow into the line causing a breakage.
  • Line Breakage – allows debris to seep into the line causing a blockage.

Watch this video to see how The Drain Team® handles finding and fixing these sewer problems:

Any plumber can easily come to cable out the line so the water drainage can start flowing again. However, unless the problem is fixed, it is just a matter of time before another backup occurs.

Since sewer lines are buried in the ground, it is hard to see the problem without digging up the entire line. The Drain Team® utilizes state-of-the-art technology to find out which symptoms are causing the problem and, more importantly, where it is located. We can usually access the line through a cleanout or a roof vent.

The video shows how we can run a video camera line into the sewer to not only see the problem but also pinpoint the location. We know the measurement of the line that is out where we discover the problem and can use a locator to start the digging directly above it. We can save you money by then replacing or fixing only a section of pipe instead of the entire sewer line.

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