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Grease Trap Replacement

Are Your Grease Traps Code Compliant?

The Drain Team® is an expert in handling grease traps in the Tampa Bay area. Many restaurants use us for routine maintenance or repair on small or larger in-ground grease traps. We can also quickly upgrade your grease traps to comply with the appropriate codes necessary to keep your business running.

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Up to Code

The Drain Team® has taken several Tampa Bay area food service facilities back up to code compliance in a quick, cost effective manner. We will be able to fix your current unit if possible or we can also find you the most appropriate new grease trap and handle the installation.

There are a variety of reasons your grease trap could be having problems. It could be clogged, have missing baffle tees, or rotted baffles. You can be sure we will find the answer and help you get back to business.

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