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The Drain Team, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Plumber in Largo, FL

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Top 10 Caller Questions

Clearwater asks The Drain Team

These are top questions asked every day in our customer service corporate call center by residents of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota. Take a look to see if we can help you and don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more.

How much do you charge?

We charge by the job, not by the hour. We will give you a free estimate for most repairs but need to know the details of your situation to help. Give us a call.

How long will it take you to get here?

We have a fleet of service technicians all across the Tampa Bay area stretching down to Largo. Our central dispatch center can look at the schedule and usually get someone to your house for emergencies within an hour. Give us a call now so we can find the plumber closest to you 727-573-5400.

How much extra do you charge for service on the weekends and at night?

Zero. All job rates are standard regardless of the day or time. We can arrive to your home after work or on the weekends. Call us to set up a time.

Water is backing up into the toilet and bathtub, what is wrong?

If there are two fixtures backing up, especially in different rooms, there is most likely a main sewer line blockage. We can cable out the line with a snake to break up many clogs. For stubborn clogs we have the capability for a camera inspection or drain jetting. Give us a call to learn more and receive a free estimate.

My toilet is clogged, what can I do?

Check out this video for a tip unclogging your toilet. If you still need help, call us for an appointment.

Do you empty septic tanks? How much does it cost? When can you be here?

We empty septic tanks all day long everywhere in Tampa Bay and Sarasota. Rates vary depending on your location so call us now to get a free estimate and ETA.

I have a water leak but don’t know where it is. How much to fix it?

The first priority is to find out where the leak is before giving you a free estimate on fixing it. If it is not visible, we will have to perform a leak detection to isolate the leak and then we’ll know how much to charge for the job. There are several ways to locate a leak depending on where we suspect it to be. Call us for more particulars about how we will be able to help you?