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Dog Fountain

Dog Fountain

The Drain Team has completed numerous projects for Pinellas County and we were contacted again to install new drinking fountains at the Pinellas Animal Shelter. The goal was to replace water bowls for the dogs with a dog drinking fountain, as well as provide one for the volunteers who walk the dogs. The dog fountain has a foot pedal that can be used to fill the basin with clean, fresh water for dogs to drink from.

The project required that we install a water line to the location where the fountains would be installed. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, we set the line in place and also installed a drain. Once they were in place, we prepared the site for pouring the concrete slab, which included using rebar for reinforcement. After the concrete is poured and set, we installed the fountains and purged the water lines to remove any impurities before they were put into use.