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We will give you a price over the phone for all common plumbing problems. We frequently need to send a plumber to discover details needed for a firm price. There is no trip charge and we will give you a quote for a completed job. No hourly charges, no overtime, no weekend or after hours charges, no obligation. We do charge if work is needed to diagnose the problem, such as leak detection in a wall or foundation.

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  • Listen to Our Customers
  • Top Ten Questions From Callers
      1. How much do you charge?

        We charge by the job, not by the hour. We will give you a free estimate for most repairs but need to know the details of your situation to help. Give us a call.

      2. How long will it take you to get here?

        We have a fleet of service technicians all across the Tampa Bay area stretching down to Sarasota. Our central dispatch center can look at the schedule and usually get someone to your house for emergencies within an hour. Give us a call now so we can find the Tampa Bay Plumber closest to you.

      3. How much extra do you charge for service on the weekends and at night?

        Zero. All job rates are standard regardless of the day or time. We can arrive to your home after work or on the weekends. Call us to set up a time.

      4. Water is backing up into the toilet and bathtub, what is wrong?

        If there are two fixtures backing up, especially in different rooms, there is most likely a main sewer line blockage. We can cable out the line with a snake to break up many clogs. For stubborn clogs we have the capability for a camera inspection or drain jetting. Give us a call to learn more and receive a free estimate.

      5. My toilet is clogged, what can I do?

        Check out this video for a tip unclogging your toilet. If you still need help, call us for an appointment.

      6. Do you empty septic tanks? How much does it cost? When can you be here?

        We empty septic tanks all day long everywhere in Tampa Bay and Sarasota. Rates vary depending on your location so call us now to get a free estimate and ETA.

      7. have a water leak but don’t know where it is. How much to fix it?

        The first priority is to find out where the leak is before giving you a free estimate on fixing it. If it is not visible, we will have to perform a leak detection to isolate the leak and then we’ll know how much to charge for the job. There are several ways to locate a leak depending on where we suspect it to be. Call us for more particulars about how we will be able to help you.

  • Drain Cleaning/Drain Jetting

      We clear all types of commercial and residential drains. When your trusty plunger doesn’t work, call The Drain Team® to fix backed up or plugged drains that are not only inconvenient, but a health hazard. Our trucks come equipped with advanced drain cleaning equipment to do your job right the first time. The plumbing technician will have means to do a video camera inspection or drain jetting with high pressure water. He will have a plumber’s auger or sewer snake with enough line to go from your house to the main sewer line to break up clogs and obstructions anywhere in your plumbing lines. Call for a free estimate now.

  • Leak Detection/Leak Repair

      Leak Detection


      If you are reading this, you already at least suspect you have a water leak in your home or business. They never go way on their own and can cause devastating damage in a short period of time. Call The Drain Team® now to find and repair the leak if you see common warning signs like:

      1. A water bill that increases without more water use.
      2. The sound of Water dripping or running where it should not be.
      3. Water puddles on the floor or in cabinets under sinks.
      4. Wet spots over sewer pipes or reduced water pressure without reason.
      5. Damp drywall or baseboards.

      Call us, answer a few questions about your situation, and we’ll give you a free estimate for leak detection service. We use several methods for the location including:

      1. Manual tracing of all the plumbing lines.
      2. Ultrasonic Leak Detection – device that magnified the sound within walls.
      3. High Pressure Gas – injecting carbon dioxide into the closed off pipes to create a hissing sound at the leak.

      Leak Repair

      Once the leak is located, we can then give you a free estimate on repairing it. All our trucks are well equipped with the latest technology

      Some repair techniques that may be used are:

      1. Replacing the pipe connection or bad section of pipe
      2. Pipelining
      3. Pipe Bursting
      4. Repiping the system

      Your plumber will decide with you which repair system is right for your situation depending on the location and the condition the plumbing around the leak. You will get a firm bid before work begins, so you know exactly what to expect. All repairs are done efficiently with the best equipment and parts.

      Use our 10% off residential plumbing online discount toward the repair estimate.

  • Sewer Repair

      Sewer Repair

      We know a backed up sewer is one of the worst plumbing problems to encounter and it severely hinders home life or customer relations at your business. It is also very unhealthy. The Drain Team® stands ready to show up at your doorstep, usually within 60 minutes of your call. We offer this service any time of the day or night, 365 days a year because it is not the kind of situation that can “wait for an appointment”.

      Sewer Basics

      Property owners are responsible for getting waste from their home or business to the city’s sewer lines. If a back-up occurs in your bathroom, there is most likely a blockage in your line out to the main sewer. Find out as soon as you can if any of your neighbors are experiencing the same problems and this could give you an idea of where the problems resides. Under normal weather conditions (no heavy rain), a problem in your sewage line is most likely the fault of internal plumbing.

      Here are some possible problems:

      1. Trapped debris accidentally flushed down the toilet.
      2. Trees that grew roots along the pipe line.
      3. Cracks around the joints of pipes along the pipe line.

      What can The Drain Team® do for your Sewer?

      We handle these challenges every day and are experts at fixing them. We will begin by mapping out the sewer line, how it relates to your neighbors, and where it connects to the county line to isolate the problem. We can use the cleanout to run a snake through or even use video pipe inspection if necessary.

      Once we isolate the problem, we will give you a free estimate on a full repair. No hourly charge, no trip charges. Call now to schedule a free estimate.

  • Water Heaters

      If your water is not getting hot enough or not heating at all, give The Drain Team® a call and we’ll be there to repair the problem, usually within an hour if necessary. We service both residential and commercial water heaters, electric and tankless. We give you a free no-obligation estimate for the completed repair before we start.

      We’ll perform these services if necessary:

      1. Element testing and replacement
      2. Electric and Circuit Breaker Testing
      3. Thermostat Replacement
      4. Water Heater Drain
      5. Water Heater Replacement
      6. Plumbing Adjustments

      Water Heater Troubleshooting

      There are a few common things that can need repair on a water heater. Some problems on a residential electric unit can be easily fixed with minor adjustments so you may want to try these first.

      1. If the water is not heating, the elements are the cause. Try turning up the thermostat setting for both of the elements.
      2. If the water stopped heating abruptly, reset the system with the reset button. Also try to flip the circuit breaker to make sure the unit is getting power.

      When do you need to call The Drain Team®?

      If the above actions don’t fix the problem, you will most likely benefit from calling in The Drain Team®. Here are some possible problems that require a plumber:

      1. Elements replacement.
      2. Tank may need to be drained if the heater is noisy.
      3. Thermostats replacement.
      4. High limit cutoff replacement.
      5. Pipe or connector replacement.

      Call us to set up an appointment or to request immediate service in the case of an emergency. We are equipped to handle any situation and have readily available parts on our trucks.

  • Repiping

      The Drain Team® for a free completed job estimate on all repiping projects, residential or commercial.

      Repiping involves replacing an old, non-functioning plumbing and sewer drainage system with all new pipes and parts. When our plumbing technicians are finished, you will have a new plumbing system that will last for many years. Sometimes older homes have outdated and inefficient plumbing and drainage systems that do not meet city codes and need to be replaced. Older pipes may be made of the wrong material, cracked, plugged with tree roots or corroded beyond good use. If plumbing pipes are in bad condition, it is better to replace them.

      The two most common pipe materials in use today are copper and CPVC. Copper pipes are the strongest, longest lasting material. The solder used on joins is no longer led, so is safe. They can withstand rodents trying to chew them and do not become brittle with age. CPVC is a plastic pipe material that is less expensive and easier to work with. It will not rust or develop pin holes. Your plumbing technician can help you decide which material is best for your plumbing system.