Grease Trap Pump

Who wants to think about grease traps? Well, we do. At The Drain Team®, and we think about grease traps so you don’t have to.

Dirty Secrets of Grease Traps

Hot liquid grease may go down a drain just fine. Once it solidifies, however, grease becomes a nasty problem. It can block sewer lines resulting in wastewater overflow and environmental contamination. If you are a Food Service Establishment (FSE) in the Tampa Bay area, your grease traps need to be pumped, cleaned and maintained in order to meet code and stay open for business.

Signs Your Grease Trap Needs a Fix

There are a number of signs that your grease traps may not be healthy. If your sinks are slow to drain or emit a foul odor, it is time for an immediate fix. Other warning signs could be:

  • Water Leaking on the Floor Around the Drain
  • Rust Holes on the Drain Lid
  • Drain Lid Will Not Stay Down
  • Get Up to Code and Stay There

The Drain Team® knows local code requirements and will respond within 60 minutes to upgrade, clean or repair your trap so you can get back to business. Better still, The Drain Team® will handle disposal, track compliance paperwork and even schedule preventive maintenance so you never have to worry about grease traps again.

Periodic Maintenance

A periodic grease trap pumping plan saves money and keeps your drains flowing. Based on trap size and type as well as code requirements, The Drain Team® will customize a maintenance schedule that fits your needs and your budget.

Never Worry About Compliance Again

Don’t let a failing grease trap shut you down. Call The Drain Team® and never worry about compliance again.